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If Peikin is a Duck? Why am I in Chicago?: Project
Bessie, My Black-Eyed Baby (spoken lyricArtist Name
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Colored Heaven (spoken lyrics)Artist Name
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Colored Heaven

Lyrics: Ann Eskridge

Music: Reginald R. Robinson

If Pekin is a Duck,

Why am I in Chicago?


A play with music

A black gangster in 1918 Chicago makes a bet that he can find two men who can write and compose music better than the music that is currently popular. He kidnaps a lyricist and a composer in order to get them to write a song which eventually will give him the money and reputation necessary to buy back the first black musical theater in the country and restore it to its former glory. But although the composer is willing, the lyricist is not because those times remind him of his failing talent and unrequited love. 

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