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DAY 47 - Harkness Memorial State Park

On June 18th, after visiting Elizabeth Park, April and I drove down to Waterford, Connecticut, to visit Harkness Memorial State Park. It was a warm and sunny day, so we could fully appreciate the Park’s gorgeous views of Long Island Sound.

A beautifully landscaped recreation space along the Connecticut shoreline, the property was once the private summer home of the Harkness family. The Roman Renaissance-style ma on, built in 1906, is undoubtedly the focal point.

One of the first female landscape architects in America, Beatrix Farrand, designed the property’s elegant gardens. Today, the gardens are maintained by volunteers with an appreciation and devotion to keeping the gardens a calm and tranquil space for the broader community.

April and I enjoyed a light lunch on the beach and took in scenic views of Long Island Sound. It was a perfect day with a very dear friend.

To learn more about the Park and its gardens, visit Harkness Memorial State Park (

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