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DAY 42 Continued - FDR's Springwood Estate

After my stop at Bard College, I continued my Hudson River Valley journey on the 12th, as I drove over to Springwood in Hyde Park, NY - the birthplace of FDR, the 32nd President of the United States.

The gardens and 265 acres of woodlands and meadows on the Hudson River were expansive and beautiful. The rose garden and the home garden were the two features at Springwood.

The rose garden contains 30 beds of hybrid tea and shrub roses in pink, red, and white shades. The gravesite of Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt is located there with a simple monument. The garden also features beds planted artfully with peonies and summer annuals.

The home garden, a large fruit, and vegetable garden mimicked the old Victory Gardens planted throughout America during World War II. This garden is vastly smaller than back in the day, as a portion of the garden was paved over in 1946 to make room for parking.

Only the garden, woodlands, and the meadow were open for a tour. All Presidential Libraries and Homes remained closed to the public due to COVID.

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