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Day 39 - Longwood Gardens

Rhoda and I visited the Longwood Gardens in Kenneth Square, Pennsylvania, on June 9th.

Purchased in 1906 by Pierre S. du Pont to save the Pierce family arboretum from being sold for lumber, Longwood Gardens is 1050 acres of natural beauty. Its sprawling splendor is a testament to its transformation through legacy, innovation, and stewardship. The expansiveness makes it challenging to take it all in one single day. But like my visit to Huntington Gardens, I gave it my best shot.

Several lakes amid the woodlands are in the eastern part of the garden, while topiary cones punctuate the Flower Garden Walk.

The Italian Water Garden, which incorporates 600 jets of water dancing in twelve pools, inspired by the magnificent 16-century terraced garden of Villa d’ Este at Tivoli, near Rome, was enchanting.

One of the most impressive conservatories I’ve ever seen, Exhibition Hall in the great Conservatory showcases Mediterranean and subtropical plants and an assortment of cacti, succulents, orchids, and the Cascade Garden.

Unfortunately, I could not visit the Main Fountain Garden due to thunderstorms in the area, an incredible adventure that the locals assured me that I had to see. So, Longwood Gardens has made my shortlist of Pennsylvania gardens worthy of a return visit.

To schedule, your visit go to Longwood Gardens

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