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Satin Doll

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Listen to the narrated demo with abridged songs

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Satin Doll, a full-length musical comedy, is the black version of Pygmalion.  

Conservative views clash with liberal ones. Middle-class black values, mores, and affectations clash with those of the street.


The musical comedy poses the question: How far will you go to achieve fame? In Satin Doll, the hip hop lifestyle collides with African American conservative middle-class mores when, in order to win a coveted television sponsor, a conservative black television commentator makes a bet with his liberal friend and cohost that he can remake, remodel, and remold a street urchin into a "lady" of substance who can easily pass as the creme de la creme of the black bourgeoisie. This bet hinges on a philosophical argument that being black and poor is no excuse for not entering mainstream America and, since this is the Age of Kardashian, this transformation is recorded for the opening segment of his “new and improved” television show.

Book and Lyrics: Ann Eskridge

Music: Alton James

Artwork: Sanders Bryant 

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