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Warm Lights

Ann Eskridge
Novelist, Playwright, Educator

Ann's Credits: Projects
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Satin Doll

A Musical

Satin Doll, a full-length musical comedy, is the black version of Pygmalion.

Slave Uprisings and Runaways

Fighting for Freedom and the Underground Railroad 

A Middle School book on slavery in America.

The Raven

A Novel

Two young men, one black and the other white are Underground Railroad conductors during the most dangerous period in slavery.

The Sanctuary

A Play

Sanctuary, a play, is about 10-year-old Little Man who recently learned of his estranged father’s death.

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Smiling Man

Last of Ken

A Play

What happens when your dead relatives have an intervention because they think your life sucks? That’s what happens to Ken Jones

Brother Future

A black teenager from Detroit is running away from police, gets hit by a car, and knocked unconscious into Charleston, South Carolina 1822, where everyone thinks he’s a runaway slave.

Echos Across the Prairie
A Musical

What if you, a woman, single-handedly built a town, but the men of the town wouldn’t let you have a say in running it?

If Pekin is a Duck? Why am I in Chicago?

A Play with Music

A play with music

A black gangster in 1918 Chicago kidnaps a lyricist and a composer in order to get them to write a song which eventually will give him the money and reputation necessary to buy back the first black musical theater in the country and restore it to its former glory.

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